In the Garden


This is our second year officially planting a large garden, with the goal of fresh and canned fruits, veggies and sauces. Year one was kind of a mess. We started late in the season, got everything planted late, and had a minimal harvest- though we did put away 19 pints of delicious tomato sauce. 😀

Instead of trying to juggle all the planning myself this year, I’m using a virtual garden planner from Territorial Seeds (which is where I’m buying my seed this year). I’m pretty excited. I think it’ll help me stay on track this year.

Right now, it’s looking a little something like this:

(That weird peach line is the gate, the round thing is a tractor tire for growing root vegetables, and yes, you’re reading it right, I’m not growing potatoes this year, if you must know.)




This particular planner (supposedly) takes into account the growing space needed by each type of plant you’re planning to grow, which is pretty cool. This way, I don’t have to figure out all my own spacing. It then takes all the info you give it in the “mapping stage” and puts it into a spread sheet with the quantity of each plant, indoor and outdoor planting times, harvest times, and what spacing you’ll need. It even logged my new irrigation supply list, after I mapped it out to scale. (not shown)




All in all, it was A LOT of work to design, but it took away a lot of the guess work and extra steps, and I think it’ll really streamline the gardening process this year.