The Plan

We made a tentative plan of action, and decided to scrap about 50% of the structures inside the trailer.

  1. The Bed: The bench pullout bed would most definitely not work for us, so we would have to build a structure to support our own mattress and add additional storage.
  2. The Banquette: The banquette was a nice feature, but took up entirely too much space to be worth it, so we would tear that out and replace it with a cabinet/breakfast bar instead.
  3. The Cabinets: We would repaint the cabinets, but rather than try to refinish the cabinet doors, we decided to replace them with shaker style doors that were more our style. We would keep the carcass of the kitchen cabinets, fortifying them and augmenting them with new custom drawers suitable for daily use (and of course, the new doors). Luckily, the hubby did time in a custom cabinet shop, so he had the all important know-how we needed to do all the cabinet work ourselves.
  4. The Kitchen: We decided to replace the propane oven/stove unit with something a little more updated. The microwave would stay, since it would cost a mint to replace, and as it was, it would match the new cabinet color.
  5. The Flooring: After removing the previous owners’ rugs, we found that they had discolored the whitish linoleum a putrid shade of urine yellow, which was the perfect excuse to install new wood-look vinyl flooring. (Which we definitely would have done anyway.)
  6. The Bathroom: Even at the writing of this, a year after we began, the bathroom renovation is still to be determined. Initially, we were thinking of putting in a wet bath, but we’re still going back and forth on the best course of action. One change we made though, was to remove the toilet and build a compost toilet.