A Little About Us


Hi! I’m Ashleigh, a thirty something girl who, along with my husband (the muscle AND the brains), is taking on the monumental task of changing our lives for the better. This is a documentation of our journey from suburban Californians to Montana homesteaders. It’s our dream to build a self-sustainable life for ourselves on the edge of the wilderness; farming, hunting, and raising livestock to provide the muscle for work and conscientiously raised meat, eggs, and dairy.

Our goal is simple at its core, but ever so complicated to attain. Eventually, we want be able to step away from the standard American consumer driven lifestyle (no offense intended to anyone who prefers a consumer driven lifestyle) and into a  lifestyle based on providing for ourselves in such a way that has been lost to most Americans: working the land and problem solving and building our farmstead with our own hands. We still have a long way until we get where we’re going, but every journey has a beginning, right?

Things are just in their early stages, but we’d love for you to follow along as we get started on this enormous lifestyle transformation, one bit at a time. We’re learning to grow our own food and raise our own livestock one season at time while gathering information and know-how on the future we want to live as hardworking, self-sustaining homesteaders.



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