Dairy Goats


We brought home our first pair of Nigerian Dwarf goats in February of 2016 in the back seat of our pick up truck, and my (small) obsession with these adorable little creatures was born.




Meet Hans & Hildie, the two original members of our goatie gang. These bottle fed twinsies won us over lickity split. In fact, I was so worried about them being eaten by coyotes when we first brought them home, that I slept on the floor in the office (the nearest room to their pen) with windows open and a pair of binoculars by my side, in case they needed midnight rescuing. It probably goes without saying that I’ve toned that down a bit since then, but I wanted to let you know anyway.  😉


At the end of March, we purchased our next little baby. This time, she really was a little, little baby, only two days old when we first met her. (If you can find ANYONE who can resist a 2 day old goatling, I’d like to meet them.) She was totally gorgeous, even as a tiny thing, and we bought her on the spot. She was bottle fed by her breeder for the next two weeks, and then we brought her home, and finished raising her in our house (yep, you read that correctly) until she was fully weaned about about 12 weeks. When the amount of trouble she could get into in 10 seconds became a little too much to handle, I had to admit it was time to move her outside, even though it broke my heart to do so. (YES, I know she’s a GOAT.)


To be continued…