Covering Old Lap Sealant

We didn’t do an individual post when we replaced the sealant, mostly because I didn’t think to do it, but I think we were remiss in doing so, as it was actually a really important part of the roof refinishing as a whole.

This is what the old sealant looked like. It clearly had not been touched since the trailer was originally put together.



I apologize, we don’t have any pictures of the actual process. This was a quick job, in the middle of doing multiple things. Luckily, hubby thought to take pictures before he got started, or you wouldn’t even have those for comparison.

First, he cleaned all the old sealant, scrubbing it with a stiff bristle brush and mineral spirits, then going back over it again, wiping it clean with a rag that was also soaked in mineral spirits. Using a caulking gun, he applied a very heavy coating of Dicor brand EPDM Lap Sealant over the old, useless sealant. This is important. DO NOT remove the old sealant- just apply the new sealant over the top of it, in such a way as to safely seal in the seams where your appliances and such meet with the roof. The old sealant was such a mess, it took FIVE tubes of sealant to cover it all up.

This is what it looked like after the new sealant was applied. (If it looks familiar, it’s because a lot of the photos are BEFORE shots from the post about refinishing the roof.) It looks goopy and messy, but no one ever sees the roof. What is important, is that all the cracks are covered up and you don’t have any leaks.



Here’s a last side by side comparison for you. Looks like frosting, doesn’t it? Who want CAKE?

side by side comparison of lap sealant replacement before and after

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