Covering Old Lap Sealant

We didn’t do an individual post when we replaced the sealant, mostly because I didn’t think to do it, but I think we were remiss in doing so, as it was actually a really important part of the roof refinishing as a whole.

This is what the old sealant looked like. It clearly had not been touched since the trailer was originally put together.



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I Spy…

The hubs and I have gotten into the habit of taking our camera out with us pretty much everywhere- a habit we got out of when we started using the big Canon cameras we used (very temporarily) for weddings (and for a much more extended period of time) on commercial/product photography. They were just too bulky to take photos on the fly, and the instances of impromptu photo shoots and family photographs declined rapidly after we started using them.

Then about a month or two ago, we sold off our older (and originally very expensive, but now not worth diddly squat pair of Canons and their lenses) and we’re now toting a single Fujifilm X100T, and we LOOOOOVE it. I really can’t express enough how much we stinking love this camera. First of all, it’s adorably vintage. Second of all (and of course, more importantly), the image quality is phenomenal. But one of the coolest features is its portability, which allows us to pick up with a hobby that neither of us have pursued for years, and we’re having so much fun. 🙂

Tomorrow Will be Kinder

Clear Skies and Cows

Today I woke to the sun and a clear blue sky; two things I have (until the last few weeks) taken completely for granted since moving from the smoggy land of Southern California to the wide, amazing expanse that is Montana. We moved here last year, on the tail end of a gloriously snowy winter and wildly wet spring. So verdant and full of life was my new home that my heart swelled with joy just to be lucky enough to live here.

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