Covering Old Lap Sealant

We didn’t do an individual post when we replaced the sealant, mostly because I didn’t think to do it, but I think we were remiss in doing so, as it was actually a really important part of the roof refinishing as a whole.

This is what the old sealant looked like. It clearly had not been touched since the trailer was originally put together.



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Refinishing Our Roof

This weekend, we refinished the roof of Foxy, our 22 foot 1999 Arctic Fox Travel Trailer, in which we enjoy living full time. It was looooooong past due. The trailer is sixteen years old, and it looks like it has never had the roof refinished. The original coating appears to have more or less worn through to the roof underneath, giving it a grey speckled appearance. Not good. Here, take a look for yourself…

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